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Best Gaming Mouse 2017 – Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

Top 10 Best Gaming Mice You Can Buy Now


It’s proven that gaming mouse improves your game play by 5% to 10% and by the way a mouse is gamers primary weapon. So! it would be a great choice to shift from simple mouse to the best gaming mouse.

Selecting the best gaming mice isn’t an easy job because there are thousands of gaming mouse in the market. We did a lot of research and tested some of them to bring you the list of top 10 gaming mouse so you can find the best mouse according to your gaming and personality.

We reviewed and added some top-level gaming mouses from the best companies world wide. Our gaming mouse list includes mice from Logitech, Asus, Razer, Corsair and other companies.

There are a lot of factors while searching for the best product in any category but we made it simple for you to get the best mouse and enjoy your gaming.

I used the gaming mouse for the first time in 2015 and I still remember the day when I assigned all my combos to the thumb buttons and it was so easy for me to hit combo with just 2 clicks. After that, i never used a simple mouse.

Best Gaming Mouse – Top 10 List

Below is the list of top 10 best gaming mice that are currently the best and are available in the market. We chose them on the basis of many factors that makes a gaming mouse the best.

Note: All of the gaming mice listed below are good and working best! Because they are chosen from thousands of gaming mouse available in the market. If a mouse is listed as #9 or #10 it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good mouse. It is still a good gaming mouse because it’s chosen from thousands of other gaming mice.

Logitech G502
(Editor’s Choice)
Asus ROG Spatha12170g
Steel Series Rival 700
(Editor’s Choice)
Razer DeathAdder Chroma 5105g
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum 11105
Mionix Castor 690g
Razer DeathAdder Elite 7105g
Razer Ouroboros 11115g
Razer Naga Hex V2 14135
Corsair Sabre RGB 8100g

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#1 Best Mouse – FPS Gaming Mouse – Affordable And Awesome – Ambidextrous Mouse – MOBA Games Mouse – MMO Games Mouse – Wireless Gaming Mouse

1. Logitech G502 – Best Gaming Mouse Ever


  • Fully Customizable.
  • Weight Tuning.
  • 11 Programmable Buttons.
  • Customizable RGB Lighting.
  • DPI On The Fly 12,000-200.
  • Not For Left Handed Gamers.

The 1st on our List Is A Pure Beast From Logitech. This is the mouse that made Logitech what they are toady in gaming. Believe me or not this is the mouse that is a beast in real. Ya! Am talking about Logitech G502 Porteus Spectrum.

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G502 is the all round best gaming mice and is Number 1 choice for FPS games on our list.

Logitech G502 weighs about “160g” and the sensor used in this mouse is “Pixart PMW 3366”. This mouse has 11 programmable buttons. Now you can customize any of the buttons to any command or macros and store the profile. All you need is Logitech Gaming Software to customize the buttons. You can get the software for free from their official site.

Let’s talk about the DPI. G502 has Max 12,000 DPI and 200 at lowest. This mouse has the option to change DPI on the fly with the button. Changing DPI while playing games is a useful feature.

Scroll wheel of G502 has 2 options to choose from. Click to click or HyperFast. Click to click mode is the simple scrolling as every simple mouse has. The HyperFast mode is faster than click to click.

RGB lighting used in G502 is amazing. RGB from Logitech became industry standard lighting. Everyone is just using the RGB lighting whether it’s a gaming mouse or keyboard. The lighting used in G502 works superbly. They are customizable and you have 16.8 Million colors to choose from

The main and highlighted difference between Proteus Core and Spectrum is the addition of Spectrum Lighting. Proteus core is built for gamers who like to fire on all fours and especially Core is for both left handers and right handers.Spectrum is designed especially for Right Handed gamers. If you are right handed FPS gamer, Believe me, the G502 Proteus Spectrum is the best mouse for you.

Is this mouse comfortable? Ya! This mouse is a comfortable mouse for real. The best thing about this mouse is weight and balance tuning. Five 3.5g weights ship with the mouse so you can balance as per you want. Use them at the place where you like to get more or less weight.

This mouse has Perfect tracking and accuracy in games. The optical sensor used in this mouse is perfectly accurate. Plus, You can change DPI on the fly.

This gaming mouse costs less than other fps gaming mice. With that said; This mouse is perfect for the money spent. You don’t lose the money spent on this mouse. All of the 11 buttons on this mouse are customizable. RGB lighting is fully customizable with 16.8m colors to choose from. The design is pretty unique and stylish. Awesome tracking while playing. Comfortable. Recommended by many esports gamers and recommended by Us Too.

2. Asus ROG Spatha – Best Mouse For MMO Games


  • Customizable Gaming Mouse.
  • Best MMO Games Mouse.
  • 12 Buttons.
  • Beast RGB Lights.
  • Wired/Wireless Both.
  • Side Buttons Feel Flimsy Sometimes.
  • Expensive Than Others.

Asus is always up to something new and they gave a shock to the gamers when they released their ROG Spatha. You all must have heard the aggressive line “This is Sparta”. The mouse is also aggressive as it sounds.

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ROG Spatha is a flagship gaming mouse and is currently the best mouse for MMO games. Spatha offers both wired and wireless game play. The charging dock that is shipped with the mouse looks stylish and professional addition to the mouse. You can charge the mouse wirelessly by placing the mouse on the charging dock and if you ever run out of charge you can enjoy wired gaming.

Asus ROG Spatha refers to ASUS “Republic Of Gamers” Spatha. This mouse weighs about 180g which is not something we can call a light weight mouse but still, it’s not that much. The sensor used in Spatha is called “Pixart ADNS 9800” which is a powerful sensor for a gaming mouse. This mouse has “12” programmable buttons which can be customized with the ASUS software.

This mouse has a beast look with black and red light combo. The RGB lights in this mouse are Asus technology. Lights are fully customizable with the Asus Armoury software. You can change the RGB lights for up to 16.8m colors. The good thing about the RGB effects in this mouse is that they can sync to your graphic card, keyboard, and motherboards.

With that said, if you are thinking about the comfort So! I must tell you this mouse feels bulky sometimes and the side buttons feel a bit flimsy. Every mouse has some good things and some bad things but this mouse is overall a good mouse but the weight and side buttons feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes. These problems aren’t for all but some of the users reported. We used this mouse but we didn’t find some difficulties. Overall this mouse is a Comfortable mouse.

Let’s talk about build quality. This mouse is made up of Magnesium Alloy thus we can call it a powerful gaming mouse with a strong build.

The price tag this mouse carry is more than the competitors but it’s for hardcore MMO gamers. Spatha is a perfect mouse for MMO gamers because this is currently the best mouse for MMO games and this price tag should not be high for them.

Spatha has built-in memory for color customization and users profiles. You can store your profiles settings for games inside the mouse. It has 12 buttons and 8,200 Max DPI. This mouse is a pure beast from inside and outside. Very Much Recommended For MMO Gamers.

3. Steel Series Rival 700 – Best Mouse For CS-GO


  • Comfortable Gaming Mouse.
  • Unique Modular Design.
  • Tacticle Alerts.
  •  OLED Screen.
  • Fully Customizable Mouse.
  • Not Suitable For Left-Handed Users.
  • Additional Components Are Expensive.

The third best mice on our list is Steel Series Rival 700 and in fact, this is the first gaming mouse that has the ability to vibrate. Steel Series has earned a lot of respect in the gaming community that others are dreaming of. I still remember the day when I used Steel Series Siberia 840 and its been 6-7 months but I still want that headphone and I surely will try my best. Almost every successful player in esports community is using Steel Series product for their gaming needs and this is the only company in gaming that has the lowest number of complaints.

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Coming straight to Rival 700, Design is similar to the Rival 300. The mouse weighs about 135g and the sensor used in this mouse is “Pixart PMW3360/Pixart ADNS 9800” There are about 7 buttons on this mouse, 1 more than Rival 300 but this additional button is a bit hard to reach but one can easily get used to it.

Let’s talk about the main feature in this mouse that’s the OLED. There is a small OLED screen just next to side buttons. The screen is a bit more than just a quick navigation type of thing but it displays gif images. You can access in-game statistics, sensitivity settings, button mapping and much more on the fly. It displays any image that you put through Engine 3 software. For me, I would like to add the logo of my team as well as some nasty gifs. There are premade gif images for Rival 700 on their website. You can just download and change them from the software.

Another great feature of this mouse is tactical alerts. As I told before that Rival 700 is the first mouse that actually vibrates. Gamers can now feel what’s happening inside the game. You can customize the vibration patterns for different occasions.

The Rival 700 is a comfortable gaming mouse with a curve on the left side with 3 buttons. The 3rd additional button is for changing dpi which can be set in the Engine 3 software by Steel Series. The rubber used on both sides of the mouse makes the grip stronger and comfortable.

The design of this mouse is perfect for right handers but sadly this mouse is not for left-handers. The curve and buttons on the left side of the mouse make it suitable only for right-hand gamers.

All of the 7 buttons are customizable with Steel Series Engine 3. You can even change the lighting settings, Tactical alerts, and OLED setting. Engine 3 is a useful software and a must used software if you are using Rival 700. It’s available for free on Steel Series Website.

Only one thing that will stop you from buying this mouse is that it’s not suitable for left-handers but if you are a right-hander, You must buy this awesome gaming mouse to boost your gaming experience.

Rival 700 is available in different colors including Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green and Gold. I prefer Black one cuz it looks more professional and if you are in gaming community you must look professional.

4. Razer DeathAdder Chroma – Affordable And Awesome.


  • Affordable Gaming Mouse.
  • Smooth Performance.
  • Best RGB Lighting.
  • Customizable Mouse.
  • Razer Synapse Enabled.
  • Strong Build Quality.
  • Not Suitable For Left-Handed Users.
  • Weight Adjustments Issues.

Razer was known for the overpriced tech in the gaming community and people stopped buying their products but when they released DeathAdder, the mouse took gaming industry by storm. It became the best-selling mouse in the world in just two months. DeathAdder is affordable and it has everything a gamer needs.

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After that, they moved on to the other mice but everyone was just buying DeathAdder and was asking them for another one in the same series. So they finally listened to them and released DeathAdder Chroma.

If you don’t know, Chroma is the best selling mouse of all time and has received the most number of awards for a mouse.

Coming straight to Functions. The mouse weighs about 105g and the sensor used in this mouse is “Avago S3989” There are about 5 buttons on this mouse. Left Click And Right Click, Middle Click And 2 Side Clicks. Both the side buttons are easy and comfortable to use.

With that said, the RGB lighting system in the DeathAdder Chroma is improved to the next level. They have invented the Chroma lighting system that has 16.8Million customizable color options. Colors can be controlled and customized through Synapse 2.0 Chroma system is the best RGB technology we have ever seen in a mouse.

The design on Chroma is called EGORMA shaped and its favored by top esports athletes. The design is perfect to fit in your palm and gives the gamers comfortable experience while playing. The sides are covered with rubbers for strong and comfortable grip while playing tough battles. DeathAdder Chroma always tries to keep everything in control especially while playing.

Chroma is equipped with an ultra-accurate sensor of 10,000DPI. You can either move it fast or slow. Chroma is capable of movement speed around 300 inches per second. Respond rate on screen is very quick. You can control the DPI as per your style, it can go very fast and yes it can go very slow too.

You can customize settings and colors with Razer’s Synapse 2.0, one of the best customization software for the mouse. It’s available for free on razer official website. Although it will take you some time for the customization if it’s your first time.

Taking a short look at the features so we get some high-quality features in an awesome gaming mouse for an affordable and cheap price. If you are low on budget, You have to buy Chroma but if you are not low on budget, You still have to buy Chroma.

5. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse – Ambidextrous Design


  • Light Weight.
  • Wired/Wireless Both.
  • 30 Hour Battery Timing.
  • Ambidextrous Design.
  • Fully Customizable Mouse.
  • Pricey.
  • Lift Off Distance Not Adjustable.

A Top 10 List about gaming mouse without a mouse from Logitech? Impossible! Weather u talks about gaming mouse or keyboards, Logitech should always be on the list because of the quality of their products.

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Logitech is producing some great stuff since they walked into the gaming industry. They made some best gaming keyboards and mouses. We added Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum in this top 10 list because of their functions and spectrum.

The G900 is a rival of Razer Ouroboros and Asus Sparta which are also on our list of the 10 best mouse. They are considered rivals because of matching features and price.

G900 Chaos Spectrum weights about 107g and the sensor used in this mouse are “Pixart PMW3366”. Lift Off distance for this mouse is “<1.2 mm” and it’s not adjustable. This mouse has a total number of 11 buttons. 2 thumb Buttons on left side and 2 on right makes them suitable for both left and right-hand users. So Far So Good!

The main feature about this mouse is that it can be used as wired and wireless both. The cable is detachable with secure lock pattern. Battery timing on wireless is about 30 hours. G900 has been trusted by so many esports players and is also called their secret weapon by some players.

The design of this mouse is “Ambidextrous”. Some of the gaming mice listed above are only suitable for right-hand users but this mouse can be used for both left handers and right handers. The 2 buttons on each side of the mouse is a good feature in a gaming mouse. If you want thumb buttons on only one side you can cover the others with a rubber pad.

Let’s talk about more unique and important features so this mouse has up to 12,000 DPI and can be adjusted on the fly. The color customization on G900 is more than awesome. This mouse can be customized by Official Software by Logitech. Color customization supports about 16.8m colors in this mouse.

Logitech is loved for its customization and the software suite works well in every aspect. The On Board storage can store up to 5 profiles and I would have used them for different games.

You won’t get that much features in a gaming mouse and the most capital feature is Wired/Wireless connectivity. In the box, they ship a Bluetooth connector for wireless game play and a mouse with buttons.

6. Mionix Castor– Simple Yet Awesome


  • Lift Off Distance Adjustable.
  • Functional Gaming Mouse.
  • Comfortable Gaming Mouse.
  • Easy To Use Buttons.
  • Weight Not Adjustable.

The Mionix Castor has some top-level features like DeathAdder from Razer but Chroma And Elite are still some steps ahead from Castor. But this doesn’t mean that Castor is not a good mouse.

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Castor is a good choice for gaming and has received very positive feedback from the users worldwide. In case if you don’t know, Mionix Castor has received an award for being on the list of top 10 gaming mouse in the entire world. It’s been listed in top 10 lists by many reviewers and gamers.

The main feature of Mionix Castor is that it’s a very comfortable mouse. It has an ergonomic design which makes it perfect for right-hand grip but unlike others, this mouse can be used for left-hand grip too.

The 3rd gaming mouse on our list “Mionix Castor” Weights about 94g which is lightweight and comfortable to use. The sensor used inside the mouse is called “Pixart PMW3310H”. This mouse has a total number of 6 buttons. 2 Main buttons, 1 Middle Click, 2 Thumb Buttons and 1 for DPI.

The overall design is quite good looking. It has a logo on the top side of the body which almost every mouse have. A braided fabric cable for improved quality. Scroll wheel and Logo has the Light inside them and Rubber on both side of the mouse for nondisturbing game play in summer.

Lift Off distance for this mouse is “~1mm, adjustable (low-mid)” Which can be customized by the PC software. The Lift Off distance can be adjusted to suit your game play.

This mouse has adjustable 10,000 DPI making it ideal for hardcore gamers. Castor doesn’t have acceleration on this mouse. The tool used to customize the mouse is called “Surface Quality Analyzer Tool” and is available to download for free.

The high-end sensor used in Mionix Castor is supported by a 32-bit processor and the sensor makes this mouse more accurate than competitors. With comfortability comes great accuracy and this mouse has both of it.

The Castor has the ability to store 5 profiles for gaming which u can set up for different games. It has multiple layers of rubber coating.

Customer support of Mionix is great, If you have a problem just contact the customer support and they will fix everything for you.

A great mouse from a company that has very low recognition in the gaming community is great. This mouse ticks all the boxes that make a mouse good for gaming. 6 Buttons, 10,000 DPI, Lighting, Accuracy, Comfortability, Smooth Control And much more.

7. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Upgraded Version Of Chroma


  • 16,000 DPI.
  • Change DPI On The Fly.
  • Chroma Lighting.
  • Comfortable.
  • No On Board Memory.

Next on the list is another from Razer and from the same sequel “DeathAdder”. This mouse has something special and that is “It’s the updated version of the most popular gaming mouse in the world”

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Razer DeathAdder Elite is the updated version of DeathAdder Chroma. The design is still similar to Chroma. The addition of two sensitivity buttons and the nubs on scroll wheel for better grip makes it look different from Chroma. It looks like Razer didn’t though of changing the overall structure.
DeathAdder Elite weights about “105g” which we can say a lightweight gaming mouse. They upgraded the sensor than the one used in Chroma. They claim that they used Advanced Sensor and so far they are getting a good feedback. The Max DPI of DeathAdder Elite is “16,000” Which you can change on the fly.

The design is still Ergonomic Design. Right-hand users can take good advantage of this mouse But Razer made a Left-Hand version of Elite Too. You can now buy the left-hand version of DeathAdder Elite. Chroma doesn’t have any Left-Hand version so this is another useful upgrade in Elite.

Chroma RGB Lighting was like a storm in the market so they used the same Chroma RGB Lighting in DeathAdder Elite. The RGB Lighting is customizable with Razer Synapse software with over 16.8 Million colors to choose from.

This mouse is also customizable with Razer Synapse. You can get the Synapse for free from Razer Official Site. Synapse helps you customize the buttons and create profiles, Link profiles with the games, Store them and Use them while in-game. RGB Lighting is fully customizable with the Synapse. As I mentioned before they used the same Chroma lighting in the Elite, so they function the same.

Elite can be connected with a 7 Foot braided fiber cable, Having gold plated USB connector. The cable is lightweight and pretty strong.

DeathAdder Elite is a comfortable mouse to be used. The design is pretty much comfortable to hand on. Palm grip on this mouse fits completely.

Overall I would say that switching from Chroma to Elite is a good option. DPI is increased from 10,000 to 16,000. 2 Extra buttons added to change the DPI on the fly. Scroll wheel changed for a strong grip. Left-Hand version of Elite also available. This mouse has been rated as the best on many websites. Upgrading from Chroma to Elite would be a good choice.

8. Razer Ouroboros – Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse


  • Fully Customizable.
  • Wired/Wireless Both.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Dual Sensors.
  • Long Lasting Battery Life.
  • Bit Pricey.
  • Takes Time To Learn.

Yet another one from Razer in our top 10 list. Razer is doing a pretty well job in producing gaming mice. They know how to make a gaming mouse that actually works well. Razer is currently one of the best company for the gaming mouse and gaming keyboards.

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This time on the list we have Razer Ouroboros, a competitor of Asus ROG Spatha. Unlike others, This mouse has an ambidextrous design which makes it the top pick for some users. Ouroboros is a gaming mouse for people that have no interest in lights and show off because this mouse doesn’t have RGB lighting and the design is not pretty at all. Maybe in future Razer will update the Ouroboros with design changes and RGB lighting.

With that said; This mouse also offers wired and wireless game play. Razer Ouroboros doesn’t need extra charging dock or cable, using the mouse with the wired connection will let it charge.

Razer Ouroboros weights about “120g” which we can call a lightweight mouse. An advanced 3g laser sensor is used in this gaming mouse which makes it more than awesome. Ouroboros has a total number of “11” working buttons. One must remember that this mouse is ambidextrous so it has thumb buttons on both sides.

The main thing about this mouse is that this mouse can be fully modified. Some of the parts can be removed or moved. More advanced feature about this mouse is weight tuning. Yes! Now you can tune the weight as per your level of comfort.

Ouroboros is supported by Razer Synapse software. The mouse can be further customized with the software that you can download from razer official site for free.

Talk about the comfort and accuracy. So! this mouse is really comfortable. It can be used for long hours of gaming and the dual sensors inside the mouse makes the mouse more accurate while gaming.

Use Ouroboros with or without the wire, You will never feel input lag. The response time of this mouse is 1ms. This mouse has max 8200 DPI.

Every good has some bads. This gaming mouse doesn’t have Lighting but this can’t be a deal breaker unless you are a show-off kid. Ouroboros can be confusing sometimes but getting used to it will solve the problem. The price tag is around 90$-100$ but this mouse gives you the perfect moments while gaming. Overall we would say this is another beast from Razer.

9. Razer Naga Hex V2 – Best Mouse For MOBA Games

Razer Naga Hex V2-Review

  • Designed For MOBA Games.
  • 7 Thumb Buttons.
  • Chroma Lighting.
  • 16,000 DPI.
  • Synapse Enabled.
  • Pre Configured Profiles.
  • Customizable Mouse.
  • Not Ambidextrous.

Next on the list is yet another one from Razer. It looks like Razer is up to something very technical. The mouse we are discussing now is Razer Naga Hex V2 which is the currently the best choice for MOBA Gamers out there. The 7 Thumb buttons on the side make this mouse completely suitable for only MOBA Gamers. Only buy this mouse if you are MOBA Gamer.

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If you don’t know what are MOBA games, Ever heard of Dota 2 or League Of Legends? They are MOBA games. There are more than 100 MOBA games out there but I just gave you a quick and short example.

One thing you should keep in mind that Naga Hex V2 is designed specifically fo MOBA games, You should not use it on other games. This mouse is made for the games which have a lot of keyboard shortcuts or combos. You can assign the shortcuts to the thumb buttons and quickly use them for combos. Awesome!

Let’s move on to some of the features so this mouse weights about “135g” and the sensor used inside the mouse is “Proprietary Razer Sensor”. Naga Hex V2 has a total number of 14 buttons, 7 of them are thumb buttons which we discussed earlier that they are made especially for MOBA games.

The thing about thumb buttons is that they are very easy to use and positioned in a way that there will be no chance of mis-clicking. The shape of 7 buttons mechanical thumb wheel is round and there’s full space to use them pretty easily. Remember ! They are designed specifically for MOBA games.

RGB Lighting used in Naga Hex V2 is Chroma Lighting. Another Razer Mouse with chroma lighting. As I told above in DeathAdder elite review that chroma lighting has become an industry standard and everyone is just using them whether it’s a keyboard, mouse or Any other gaming accessory. Chroma Lighting is fully customizable with over 16.8m colors to choose from.

This gaming mouse is Razer Synapse enabled. For those who don’t know what’s razer synapse, Its a gaming software from Razer to customize your gaming mouse. You can store profiles for different games or for different situations with synapse. Chroma lighting is fully customizable with synapse. The good thing about Naga Hex V2 is that there are pre-configured gaming profiles available and are specially configured by Professional players.

Naga Hex V2 has a max DPI of 16,000 with 5G laser sensor with accurate and ultra precision. The thing about MOBA games is you need to be accurate and wide awake, Any misclick or mouse movement will destroy everything. This mouse features ultra precision with 16,000 DPI and quick reflexes.

Every good thing has some bad’s and with that, we are going to look at some bad things about this gaming mouse. This gaming mouse is only available to right-handed gamers. Left-handers must be feeling sad after reading this. The design is kinda weird looking design for some users but to me it’s good. It’s highly recommended to MOBA Gamers.

10. Corsair Sabre RGB – FPS Gaming Budget Mouse

Sabre RGB-Review

  • 8 Programmable Buttons.
  • RGB Lighting.
  • On-Board Memory.
  • Fully Customizable Mouse.
  • Not Ambidextrous.
  • Design Look And Feels Awkward.

The last of our list is Another great FPS gaming mouse but on the budget. Corsair Sabre RGB is a great gaming mouse for FPS games and is designed especially for better and comfortable game play.

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In simple words, I would just say ” Pay Less And Get More “.

Let’s talk about the design of Sabre RGB. So! in terms of design, Corsair likes it simple. The body of this gaming mouse is black plastic with a matte finish. The Corsair Logo on the palm rest.

Corsair Sabre RGB weights about “100g” only thus it is called a lightweight mouse. The sensor used in this mouse is capable of 100 to 10,000 DPI and we have the option to change DPI on the fly. The Lowest DPI recorded is 100 and the Max DPI is 10,000. The polling rate is Max 1000Hz.

This is a great gaming mouse but I recommend just adding about 10$ more and buying DeathAdder Chroma would be a great choice. If you don’t know the Chroma is the most popular gaming mouse ever and is highly rated by every user. Although it has all good features but the Chroma is next level. The lighting and the DPI of chroma are Awesome. Chroma is listed on the 4th number on ou list you can check it out by clicking Here.

There are 8 programmable buttons on this gaming mouse. The placement of the buttons is quite similar to the M65 by Corsair. The difference between m65 and Sabre RGB is the exclusion of sniper button from Sabre RGB. There are 2 thumb buttons on the right side of this mouse which indicates that this mouse isn’t made for lefties. There are 2 more buttons on the side of the right button which are used for DPI adjustments. The DPI switcher button is in the same position as every mouse has, “Behind the scroll wheel”. You can actually change the DPI on the fly with that button. The eight button is underneath the scroll wheel which can be programmed to any button with the corsair software.

RGB Lighting on this mouse is customizable, You can customize all lighting points on this mouse either individually or color cycle. You have the choice to pick from 16.8m colors. The most highlighted lighting zone in this mouse is scroll wheel and logo, They look beautiful with lights. This mouse was built with simplicity but it’s giving more than it should.

As the design is looking kinda weird to some uses but it’s sometimes awkward to hold. Although it’s a good gaming mouse but corsair should work on the design.

Now that’s the end of the Corsair Sabre RGB and end of our top 10 best gaming mice list too. Started from Rival 700 to Corsair Sabre RGB. All of the mice listed below are tested and working. No need to worry! Just have a look at the list and BUY!

Best Gaming Mice – Buyer’s Guide

Nowadays a gaming mouse has a lot of technology used inside. If we only look at the design or accuracy, We can predict about the programming or technology that’s been used inside the gaming mouse. The thing I wanna say is that “You can’t choose the best gaming mice easily that pays off”.

Below, We explained the most important factors that can help the customer to choose a mouse for himself.

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The sensitivity of a mouse is measured in DPI or CPI. The DPI stands for “Dots per inch” and the CPI stands for “Characters per inch”. The DPI and CPI are the same things just like a time being measured in minutes and seconds. The sensitivity of a mouse is how fast the cursor moves on the screen. Higher the DPI means the mouse will cover more distance on the screen in less time. In easy words, Higher DPI means the cursor will move faster and lower DPI means the cursor will move slower.

The thing about the sensitivity is, Some gamers like to use less DPI while gaming and some likes to use more DPI. If we look at the precision, The DPI should be kelp at low. I Personally like to keep the DPI at mid so that I can be more precise in games.

Every gaming mouse has the option to change the DPI to as per your preference. When buying a gaming mouse, You should always look for more DPI.


A Gaming Mouse has to be smart enough to judge the sudden hand movements. Some gaming mice are capable of judging erratic hand movements and the cursor doesn’t move while in the game so that you get maximum precision. The prediction can be a good choice sometimes but a faulty program can ruin everything. We recommend the Prediction feature but there should be an option to turn it off.


The acceleration is the ratio of Hand movement to pointer movement. The mouse speed is measured in G, One G being 9.8 meters per second. Acceleration will not be much noticeable to the higher sensitivity gamers as the screen movement will require very less movement. However, the lower sensitivity players will notice the acceleration.


There are two types of sensors in a mouse. An optical sensor or laser sensor. The Laser sensor performs better on smooth or glass surface and provides natural DPI while on the other hand, an optical sensor performs better on a rough and hard surface.

Polling Rate

Polling rate is basically the data transfer rate between the computer and the mouse. As we know that the mouse is input device so it sends the data to the computer. It’s measured in Hz and ranges from 250-1000Hz. The more the polling rate, The faster will be the response.

Programmable Buttons

We all know what a button on a mouse is. Let’s talk about programmable buttons. The buttons which can be further customized are called programmable buttons. You can set any macro, hotkey or any quick command to them and then just use them on 1 click. For Me, I always set the thumb button to the melee so that I can use the melee quickly rather than searching the button on the keyboard.


Profiles save your times by saving the customization into the mouse. You can’t always spend time on customization before playing games. Just customize it once and save the profiles so that you can then load all of the configuration by just one click.

Lift-Off Distance

The Lift-Off Distance is how high a mouse can go into the air before the cursor starts moving on the screen. It’s very much useful feature in a mouse. The technology used behind the lift-off distance is, Mouse stops tracking if it’s lifted in the air.


“You All Know What It Is”. Some gamers care about it some won’t. It’s up to you if you like a heavy mouse or lightweight. I recommend not to buy a very lightweight and very heavy. Stay between the 100-180g.

Gaming Mouse Grips

Grip is one of the most important factor to boost your game play. If your grip bothers you while playing games, There’s no way you can play game as well as you can. There are three main grips for a gaming mouse. Let’s take a deep look into them.

Palm Grip

Palm Grip is the most popular grip of all time. More than 50% of the gaming mice in the market have palm grip. The popularity of this grip is because of the comfort, Your palm rests upon the mouse with better support and comfort. The palm grip mouse tends to be longer, wider and has a back body to give full rest to the hand while using the mouse.

Claw Grip

Claw grip is the second most popular grip in the gaming industry. The claw grip is getting popular day by day and most of the new gaming mice are featuring the claw grip. The grip on this type of gaming mouse is usually short, The hand is in less contact with the mouse and the shape looks just like it sounds. The claw-like grip is the favorite grip of some gamers but to others, it’s not a suitable grip.
The Claw Grip mouse are bit shorter than the palm grip mouse but are suitable for faster movement.

Tip Grip

The last grip in the gaming industry is Tip Grip. It has the most minimum number of contact points and it is called the most extreme grip of all time. In this grip, Only the fingertips are in contact with the mouse, This providing less comfort and less contact. The palm stays in the air all the time. For me, I can’t stay with the Tip grip even for a minute but if someone is used to it, He enjoys the Tip Grip while gaming.

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